Nov 18

It’s my birthday next week. I will be 44. I’m so old.

These past couple of months have really hammered home to me that I haven’t seen and done everything. Not by a long stretch. As I’ve written the last couple of times, my life got turned upside down and what I thought I knew, well, it turned out that I didn’t know anything.

Your birthday used to be such a special day, and then you get to the stage that I’m at now and you can’t remember even what you did last year. No idea. I think I may have taken the girls for soccer training, I also think I taught that night but that was the one course I had that collapsed and for the first time ever we didn’t even go out for a drink after the last class. So a short 356 days ago and I can’t recall with any degree of certainty what I did. Old and forgetful indeed…

My three current courses are wrapping up in the next couple of days and they have been great. Lots of good writers, committed and interested students, it’s been two of the best groups I’ve taught. So I’m thinking of adding in another course starting in January, an eight-week stretch before the next round in March. I will work on that after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, that’s to come. For now I’m going to enjoy my big, wonderful, special day. I’ve earned the right to have at least one good day.

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