Jul 17

So my daughter has come out of her room to apologise nearly two hours after I sent her there. This being a father thing is wonderful.

Most of the time, my little girl – who turns six in two weeks – is pretty easy. If I’m being fair, there are many kids who are a lot worse than her. I see all kinds of temper tantrums and fits and unreasonable behaviour when I’m out with her, and most of the time she is easy enough to handle. But sometimes, well…

We are having a battle at the minute over the right to brush her hair. She doesn’t want it touched and complains and whinges and whines about it. Every day we have the same fight: “I don’t want it done – but I need to brush it – I don’t like it silky…” and so on and so forth. Today I snapped.

I sent her to her room and told her that it had to stop, this back-talking and sassy-ness and being cheeky to Daddy. To be honest we’ve had it before and it doesn’t seem to make much difference. But hope springs eternal. My daughter needs stimulation and interaction and attention, so I’m hoping that being starved of that for 100 minutes or so will have sent a message. We’ll see.

So I had all sorts of interesting and enthralling things to write about this month I promise! They will all have to wait until another day.

In the meantime I’m taking a deep breath, screwing my courage to the sticking post as Lady MacBeth once advised, and jumping back into an afternoon of parenting. Wish me luck…

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