Mar 20

So I rode in the St Patrick’s Day parade this weekend. It was a blast.

I’ve been a bit torn about the parade in the past. It has a different route to the regular Mardi Gras processions which roll in the city, but it still passes pretty close to the house. It’s more laid back than the celebrations before Fat Tuesday, there are not so many tourists, the streets aren’t as crowded… It’s always a great laugh and (nearly) always the weather is perfect. So I’ve always enjoyed just hanging around and watching the parade and having a good time with my friends. It’s usually a lot of fun.

But at the same time – well, surely Finn McCool’s, the most authentic Irish pub in the city, should have a float in it, right? It seems crazy not to. And this year they did. So of course I had to ride on it.

They were kind enough to give the soccer team a block of nine places, so we were all able to wear our football jerseys and ride together. It really was a lot of fun and we had an absolute ball. I saw a lot of people I knew on the route, I threw them some special (ish) little stuff here and there, the weather was great and everything was wonderful. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

It’s actually been a real busy time for me lately. I’ve spoken to a couple of different writers’ groups, done a few book signings, spent the day at Finn’s selling stuff on St Patrick’s Day, and been to see a few shows. Busy, busy, busy…

I think things will slow down for me personally here in a wee while, if not for the city as we have Jazzfest and French Quarter Fest and God-knows-a-different-festival-ever-week Fest coming up in the Spring. But it does seem like I’ve been run off my feet dashing from here to there the last few weeks, and that should slacken off soon. Maybe.

Also, two football rumours that both my club team Chelsea and my national team Northern Ireland may be coming to the States to play matches in the space of about two weeks. Really, it seems bizarre. But that’s the word at the minute. We will see…

So until next time, Happy St Patrick’s Day, Easter and everything else as well. Cheers.



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