Jan 06

I thought I would do this blog early. First time for everything, eh? Usually I write a note on my calendar in the middle of the month to remind me to write a blog, I transfer that to a piece of paper with my daily list of things to do, then I procrastinate and do nothing until the last few days of the month, sneaking in just before deadline day.

So new year, new resolution. Let’s see how long it lasts.

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. We did, although, as everyone else says all the time when asked to describe it, it was quiet. Nothing wildly exciting in the Rea household, a couple of visits to the pub to watch Chelsea (in the morning, no late night Yuletide drinking), Christmas Day at a neighbours’ place, a Boxing Day gathering at another’s, Irish New Year at Finns from 5 – 7pm, and midnight at another neighbours. Then New Year’s Day at a friend’s house followed by a quick trip to the mall for some new trousers and shirts.

Now I’ve written all that it sounds really busy. But it didn’t feel like that at the time. Maybe I’m overdramatizing things or mentioning events that wouldn’t even merit a mention in your, “What I did in my holidays” essay. Anyway, I hope you had fun.

One very noticeable effect of my Christmas experience is my stomach. I have put on so much weight I am terrified of even going near the bathroom scales because I think they will creak and groan and beg for mercy. My guess is that I’ve put on twelve pounds since I last weighed myself maybe a month ago.

My New Year’s resolution therefore – which I’m putting out here in the public domain right now so I can be held accountable – is to get down to, let’s say, 145 pounds. So I’m going to need to eat less and start running. On Monday I’m going to weigh myself and the diet and exercise starts then, even if it is a week late. Of course I blame my mum for sending over lots of lovely British chocolate which I stole from my daughter – obviously, pointless wasting it on her – but  I plan to finish it all off this weekend with a final big blowout. So out with a bang, so to speak.

I have a few engagements coming up, interviews, appearances,etc and they are all on my calendar page. Next month I’ll  let you know how I get on with my weight. After all, it’s not like there’s anything coming up in New Orleans that will derail it and encourage excessive eating and drinking, right?

Til next time…

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