Dec 17

“So this is Christmas, and what have we done…”

Is that the right lyrics? I’m not even sure, I’m embarrassed to write, even though I’ve heard that song thousands of times. Whether it’s because of John Lennon’s death or the subject matter, it always seems melancholy to me. As if that wasn’t depressing enough, the events in Connecticut last week, well, words fail me.

I’ll leave that aside, and if you really want to know what I think about gun control then friend me on Facebook and read them there. This type of tragedy happens time and time again in America, and I think it will continue to do so until the law changes. But there you go.

So onto happier things, and, um, I’m sure there is some good news somewhere. It’s almost Christmas I suppose, and a time of giving and reflecting and thanking and spending time with the family and watching football and going to the pub and eating and drinking and drinking. And drinking and eating. And drinking.

I’ve done a lot of stuffing my face recently already, and after working really hard and losing lots of weight I’m putting it all back on again, but hey, it’s the holidays. Come January I will take it off again obviously – it’s not like there’s a big festival in New Orleans in February or anything or… ah, well, definitely by March I’ll have it off again. Probably.

But to be honest, as you can probably tell, my heart just isn’t in this. I’m finding it hard to be joyful and cheery and entertaining. When you are a parent it changes your whole perspective on everything, a cliche, but like so many cliches, it’s true. At Christmas of all times.

So let’s just leave it for now, and I hope that where ever you are in the world, you have a happy Christmas. And spare a thought for the families of 20 kids up in the North-East.

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