Nov 24

I’m enjoying the last knockings of my 43rd year. And my temporary bachelorhood.

I turn 43 on Tuesday. I’m getting so old I can’t even remember what I did last year, how I celebrated my birthday, or what I received. I think we went out for ice-cream or something because my mum was here. By the time you reach my age I guess it doesn’t really matter that much. Another seven years and I turn 50 – maybe we will do something special for that.

Also, my wife and child return to New Orleans in about eight hours. They went to visit my wife’s sister in West Virginia for the Thanksgiving break and had a great time. I stayed behind for a variety of factors: expensive airfare; coaching soccer; teaching writing; catching up. I’ve had a horrendously busy time recently, mostly because of the soccer programme at the school where I coach. We spent a lot of time putting it together and getting everything in place to teach the younger kids how to play the game – then in the space of 24 hours we lost the coach who was to head it and the fields we were to play on. So that took some fixing as you can imagine.

But things will get a bit easier here soon as the teaching course at the Walker Percy Center is winding down. The Tuesday class finishes this week and the Wednesday and Thursday classes have just a couple of sessions left. I always enjoy teaching these courses, although both introductory classes have been less well attended than previous courses. I think the delay in starting due to Hurricane Isaac threw us off a little – for instance we had a class in Thanksgiving week which we’ve never done before – so that is something to bear in mind for next year, although there was nothing we could have done about that.

So gearing up for my birthday and Santa Claus visiting. Two big celebrations right there. And hard to say which one of us will eat more over the festive season.

Until next month, stay safe.

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