Oct 31

Sneaked in. Just as the fat lady was clearing her throat. A new blog on the last day of the month.

I try and post here every month, and I’ve been bad in October. Though it’s good to be busy. If you see what I mean.

Autumn / Fall is busy for me, and especially so this year. I am teaching three classes at the Walker Percy Center at Loyola University, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. We had so many writers sign up at the last minute for the introductory class that we split it in half and now I’m teaching that on consecutive nights. The Thursday night group have already been through one course and are on an “advanced” syllabus. Kinda. So all that reading and critiquing and planning keeps me busy.

Also, last week my soccer coaching season started again. The rule in Louisiana is that you cannot practice with a football / soccer ball before a certain date each year. You can train your team, you just can’t use a ball, so we spent six weeks running around the park trying to get fit. I understand the principle: for a small school like the one I’m at, girls are already running from one sport to another, and trying to do two or three at once would be brutal. Anyway, I don’t know how much use it was for the girls, but I lost 12 pounds so at least it was worthwhile for me. Finally last Tuesday we got to train with real life balls, so that’s another three days a week working, scheming, and what have you. Like I said, it’s a busy time here in Rea Towers.

But not so busy that I can’t find time to have a bit of fun. And I had that in buckets on Saturday at Voodoofest, the city’s annual three-day rock festival. I’m friends with the Metallica bass player Robert Trujillo, so I had a fantastic stage-side view of their show. Even better, he pulled me onstage for a photo with him. It’s not every day you get a picture taken onstage with Metallica. In front of tens of thousands of fans.

There’s a scary thought for this time of year. Happy Halloween everybody.

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