Aug 28

Well that taught me.

Last time out I wrote about keeping our fingers crossed for a quiet hurricane season, and of course what happened? I’m writing this with Hurricane Isaac heading straight for us. Great.

We are not evacuating for this storm, which I think is the first time we have ever ridden out a hurricane. We left for Ivan, Gustav and Katrina, and even had to evacuate from our evacuation when we lived in Houston for Rita. In 2005 we were here for Cindy which was really a tropical storm, although it was later upgraded to a hurricane when they checked the records or something. Still, if I remember rightly we actually all slept through it, although the tree in the next-door neighbour’s garden came down.

But we are hunkered down and ready. Katrina was a “game changer” as they say in the States, and everyone is a lot more wary than before that disaster and more likely to leave I think. We were getting out of Dodge ourselves right up until yesterday morning, but then the place we were due to go to issued a mandatory evacuation so we decided to stay instead. My wife makes all the hurricane decisions now, as otherwise every conversation ends with, “Stephen what do you know – you wanted to stay for Katrina…”

Without underestimating Mother Nature or downplaying the seriousness of a hurricane, I’m sure it will be fine. I hope so anyway. But I’m knocking this blog out just in case.

I was going to write about the great time I had on the Chelsea tour – read about some of it here if you like:

and how busy I’ve been with visitors and a trip to Houston to see Iron Maiden and the Houston Dynamo. But I think all that stuff pales into insignificance with the impending storm.

So instead I will sign off by wishing everyone on the Gulf Coast the best of luck for the next 24 hours. Stay safe y’all.


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