Jul 12

So I survived. Everything.

First came the kidney stones, followed by a hernia (or that may have been first, I’m not sure), then some kind of kidney infection thing. Next up was Disneyland and Legoland with a four-year-old. Now I’m fit as a fiddle and raring to go.

I got to the Van Halen concert last month – Eddie and Alex were great, Diamond Dave less so but still worth seeing – and then we flew out to California two days later. Actually, not strictly true. We travel standby on my pilot’s friend’s buddy passes, and we spent hours at Dallas airport trying to get to the West coast. Just when we were about to give up (the next day was even busier) and return to New Orleans, we squeezed on a flight to Las Vegas. So we hired a car and drove 300 miles to my mate’s house 40 miles north of San Diego.

Our daughter loved the theme parks, and we also got to spend some time splashing about in my buddy’s pool and building sand castles at the beach. After 10 days we got up at 530am to beat the crowds back and leave sunny SoCal before the other standby passengers had awakened. A great trip.

Now Rea Towers is getting ready for more adventure. Tomorrow night I start teaching yet another writing course at the Walker Percy Center that should run until early September. In a few days my friend from Belfast arrives for a week, and the same day he flies out, I jet off to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC to watch my beloved Chelsea play. They are the current European Champions you know.

As soon as I return there is Nicola’s birthday party, a visit to Houston to see Iron Maiden, a trip to the beach, and lots and lots of other thrilling things. Probably.

So enjoy your summer everyone, and fingers crossed for a quiet hurricane season. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

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