Feb 07

Oh dear. And I was doing so good as well.

I have not written a blog since November. I skipped December and January. Two whole months, gone, missing. Disastrous.

I’ve just checked back, and since I set up this site three years ago I have managed to post some words of wisdom every single month. Nearly. I missed October 2009 and February 2010 if you are interested, but now in the last three months I’ve skipped as many months as I have in the last three years. Even worse, I missed February 2010 because our computer died, so at least I had some sort of excuse. Shame on me.

My sorry excuse this time? I’ve been busy. Aren’t we all, eh?

My mum visited from sunny Belfast and more mundane activities got suspended (and what is as important as your mum, right?). The girls’ football team I coach have an intense truncated season – just three months – and that’s occupied me as well. But my main reason is that I was frantically trying to get the work on my house finished.

And now it is. Kinda. Ten minutes ago I added two more places to my list of walls to touch-up with paint. But all the major sheet-rocking, plastering, painting and renovating is done. Thankfully.

It took me a week just to clean the house last month. A layer of dust coated everything, from my daughter’s toys to my books to my wife’s photos. It’s hard to concentrate or even think straight when your home is upside down, but now we’re done. Inside at least. And I’m working my way through another list, this one entitled, Things I Have Neglected These Past Three Months. Obviously writing this blog was near the top. Right behind, Take A Shower.

So I’m back, I’m back, as a matter of fact, I’m back (in the words of a certain 70s glam pop star we shouldn’t really mention). Did you miss me?

See you next month. I promise.

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