Sep 22

Because it’s going to be a busy Fall. Or Autumn, as I used to say in a past life.

You may think I would have an easy, slow-paced life once my daughter started school. Drop her off in the mornings, have a cup of coffee and unload the dishwasher, lunch with friends, potter around the house rearranging pillows. If only. I’m busier now than I’ve been in the seven years since I moved to the States.

For starters, I’m painting the house. Every single room. That shouldn’t take long in theory, it’s not like we live in a mansion, but it’s actually not just painting. For instance, for weeks now I’ve worked on our bedroom, because when I stripped off the paper the walls were riddled with cracks. Big cracks. So rather than spend two days painting it, I had to chip out all the plaster and “get a man in” as we would say at home to help me put up sheet-rock (or plasterboard). Then it needed taped, sealed with joint compound, sanded… it’s been hard work. And I’m still only on the fourth room. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a house that is 130 years old built on a swamp.

Also, my writing class starts next week. I’m delighted enough writers signed up for two classes, and although it’s obviously double the work for me I’m really looking forward to it. So I’ve been reading and planning for that.

And also on the new beginnings theme, I start teaching football at my daughter’s school next month and have a meeting next week. So I need to plan coaching sessions and study the schedule and work out tactics and so on and so forth, you know, in an attempt to come across as somewhat professional. Hope springs eternal.

So painting, looking after my daughter from 3pm, teaching writing classes and coaching football. That’s a full plate right there – and I never even got to tell you about my bachelor party in Vegas next month and being groomsman in a wedding. That’s coming up fast and is extra stuff to shoehorn into my suddenly busy life, but as things like that are supposed to be fun then I suppose they shouldn’t really count towards my workload. I don’t think anyone will be feeling sorry for me because I am going on a bachelor trip to Sin City.

And tonight I’m off out enjoying myself as well. My friend got me on the guest-list for Def Leppard and Heart. Even when your life seems busy and packed, just close your eyes and remember the eighties – and all the stress just melts away…

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