Jul 16

My daughter turns four in a couple of weeks and starts school (well, pre-K) next month. How time flies.

The other day she found some lovely biscuits (cookies for you Americans) that my mum had sent over from Northern Ireland for my wife. By the time I caught her she was hiding in her princess tent in the dining room and stuffing them into her face. I was trying to wrestle them away from her and promising all kinds of special treats if she would give them up, but to no avail. The thing is the whole time I was laughing, because I was secretly delighted she wouldn’t give hand them over. There was no way she was going to swap what she had for a vague promise of something nice in the future, and I was proud of her that at just three she had already worked that out.

When I told my wife about it when she got home she laughed and said I should have been keeping a note of all these funny tales the last four years. And it’s way too late now, but she’s probably right. Quite a few people have said to me I should write about being a stay-at-home dad but it never really appealed to me, and now that it does a little it’s too late.

The books I read that were written by men were all pretty crap if I’m honest. Boring and pedestrian, and I didn’t want to add to the pile. I think there is some merit in the male view – last week at one of the places I take Nicola there were something like 22 mothers and me – but nobody is interested in I-got-my-hands-covered-in-pee diaper stories about your kid.

However I’m going to have to start writing again soon. I know that myself, and I also know that on some psychologically level I am putting it off. I digitised all our family photos. Next I want to paint our house, inside and out. My other big goal is to finish Tour of Duty and Medal of Honor on the Playstation 2. And once all these fantastic, worthy schemes are finished? I think I’ll be out of excuses.

So a plan: get back to writing a serious amount of words every single day. That can be my New Year’s resolution for 2012. Well no point rushing anything…

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