May 09

It was a bad football weekend for me. Disastrous actually.

On Saturday Finn’s 2 played the final of our cup competition, or at least half of it, as there are three teams left so it’s a round-robin. Unfortunately we only got a few days’ notice about the match, then to make matters worse no-one received the email our president sent out. So the upshot was we had just 11 players, no substitutes, and played a Hispanic team half our age. At 2pm with the temperature about 85 degrees. Lovely.

We were 2-1 down and pressing, hit the bar – and twice in the space of a few minutes they went down the other end and scored. Game over dude. We’ve won the league twice but never the cup, and as this was the first time we have made it to the “final” it was particularly disappointing.

And it continued the next day when we had a league game 16 hours after the cup match finished. We went a goal behind after a couple of minutes, then spent the rest of the game battering the team who had lost every game they’ve played this season. It finished 1-1, another disappointment.

Then we rushed to the pub to watch Chelsea lose to Manchester United. As far as football weekends go, it probably does not get much worse. Aw well, there’s always next year.

Off the field life has been busily chugging along, though there’s no new book or movie news to report. A football team are coming in from England in a couple of weeks and we will play them a friendly over Memorial Day weekend which will be a laugh. There are two other clubs in Alabama who have contacted us and are planning trips here as well. The English lads are coming the same weekend as a team of West Indians from Florida arrive to play our cricket side, so we should have a lot of fun down the pub. And a bit of sport too.

It’s going to be a long, hot, boring summer though. No Euros, no World Cup, no USA Chelsea tour… what’s a man supposed to do? Paint the inside of the house, that’s what I’ll be doing. I can’t wait.

Til next time…

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