Jan 14

I always need something to do. Something to focus on and keep me busy. Something to put in these long winter nights.

My English friend Keith was here for six weeks before Christmas and worked on our house, trying to winterise it and make it as weatherproof as possible. He did a great job, but now of course with this (for New Orleans) cold weather, I’ve discovered lots of new places where the cold air is coming in which were not apparent during the milder autumn.

So it’s become an obsession lately, stalking around the kitchen at nights, caulk gun in hand, chasing down all the little drafts and plugging up the offending holes with tissue, paper and caulk. Right now the microwave is on the floor so I could get to the cabinet behind it last night.

My other big thing at the minute is digitising my old photos. I have thousands and thousands, really. Most nights I grab a packet and scan them in using this fancy little machine my wife bought me for Christmas. It’s actually pretty funny looking back to when I was young (and happy…), though the biggest problem is trying to figure out when and where the odd random photo was taken. I’ve been putting a lot on Facebook to give my friends a laugh, and some have comment threads lasting days as we try to figure out where and when the picture was taken.

Anyway, a couple of little things maybe on the horizon book-wise. First, there’s still the ongoing attempt to buy the movie rights by a Californian producer. Secondly, I will probably sell books at Finn’s again this year on St Patrick’s Day (if I’m allowed). Thirdly, I may try and do something at Britweek in California in the spring. We’ll see on all these.

Right, that’s it from me. I’m off to battle a breeze.

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