Oct 17

Of course I would never describe my book as a dead horse, and one of the great things about a book is that it can be discovered by new people years after it was released, but it has felt a touch like that recently. That’s hardly surprising as it has now been out more than 20 months.

In September I went back to the CelticFest in Jackson, Mississippi but it wasn’t a resounding success. Much like last year in fact with the problem again being a bad position for my tent. There are two main music halls and a pathway between them, and most vendors are lined up either side of the path and people obviously see them as they go between shows.

Last year they set me and a couple of others away off to the side and I missed a lot of foot traffic. This year I told them I would do the event if they gave me a better spot on the main drag and they did. Kinda, because although it was in the right area it was also three tents back from the front. I was sandwiched between two jewellery stalls so I thought that might attract customers, but my friends said to me that it was a worse spot than last year and they may have been right.

Despite the pitch I still managed to sell a few books and have a decent attendance at my workshop, but it was a missed opportunity I feel. But there’s a lot of hard work and volunteer effort that goes into the festival, they have to look after the paying vendors first, and everyone is very friendly and helpful, so I’m not going to complain about my pitch.

Closer to home I did a signing at a Sam’s Club in Metairie. This was scheduled during a Saints game, and the store was deserted. Completely and absolutely. Even if I don’t sell many books I usually have a few enquiries and people will come up to chat, but the whole two hours I never had a single nibble. There was no-one about, and even the staff were watching the game.

As long as Sam’s hang onto the two cases they bought that’s fine – it doesn’t actually matter that I didn’t sell any on the day – and I signed them all and placed them strategically around the book section. If they sweep them all off the shelves and ship them back of course then it’s a waste of time for both of us.

It sounds full of doom and gloom the blog this month but it’s not really. I’m just glad I’m still getting the chance to promote my book nearly two years after it was released.

And I have my visit home to look forward to – less than five weeks now…

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