Sep 08

So that’s that for another five years.

Having once been a news reporter, I know the big anniversaries are the first, the fifth and the tenth. So the past couple of weeks were our chance to focus the spotlight on New Orleans. That will be it now until 2015.

It was an important opportunity to highlight what still needs to be done in the city and the region, and obviously that took on extra significance with the BP oil spill still fresh, literally and metaphorically.

I was the busiest I’ve been since the book launch with various media “engagements.” I had fired out a few emails and my friend Arthur in Belfast also sent out a press release to his media contacts. So we got some good coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the States I wrote a piece for the Irish Echo and did an interview with Global Football Today. Back home in Northern Ireland I had big spreads in the Spectator, the Newsletter and the Sunday World, and got up at 415am to do an interview on BBC Radio Ulster. The funny thing was that two of my mates emailed moaning that they had dragged themselves out of bed at 1030am on a Saturday to listen to me! I couldn’t get up the energy to point out the irony of them complaining to me about the early start.

The book also got featured on the mainland with a daily in Lancashire featuring Dave the Rave and one in Scotland focusing on Big Rab and Graeme. I contacted a bunch of regional papers highlighting their “local” characters in the book – I doubt it translated into a huge sales boost but every little helps.

The best and most extensive story though was in the Irish Independent who gave myself, the Pattersons and the pub a centre-page spread. You can read it here:

This weekend I’m off to Jackson, Mississippi for CelticFest. I went last year and really enjoyed the weekend, even if I didn’t end up shifting many copies. There are worse ways to spend your weekend than sitting in the sun – if there is sun, it rained last year – and watching the world go by.

I’m still chasing up bits and pieces here and there, but to all intents and purposes that’s me done with the media I think. Unless we have another hurricane evacuation I guess. I’m still going to have a busy few months until Christmas though, but more on that later. Wish me luck in good ole Irish Jackson!

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