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Apr 01

I’ve been even grumpier than usual lately, and it’s nothing to do with me being bald. I’m injured and missed the last two Finn’s games.

Not that I could have played anyway because I was banned after a straight red card – and I didn’t even connect with the punch. What a waste.

It may have been the worst tackle I’ve ever had. This player – the only thing I can say in his defence is that he is young – could have broken my leg. It was only about 15 minutes into the game and it hadn’t been a bad-tempered match when he stuck his studs into my leg just below the knee. Really, really bad. No need for that on a Sunday morning game, and I was so incensed I tried to punch him. Red cards for the both of us.

It happened nearly four weeks ago and I’ve been going to physio, but it’s still not right. I fear there’s broken cartilage floating around in there and I’m going to have to get an operation to repair it. Makes me mad – I don’t have too long left playing at my age! The damaged ligament is healing but I know I’m kidding myself – my wife always says that denial is a powerful weapon and she’s right. But I’ll give it a go in a couple of weeks anyway, then when I break down I’ll accept the inevitable and get an MRI. Bollocks.

Meanwhile I raised more than $1,300 by getting my head shaved which was fantastic, and the group at Finn’s collected almost $20 grand between us. It was only 10 days ago but it’s already grown back fast. I was worried I’d spend the next few months slathering suncream on my bald noggin but it will be fine, apart from the newly-exposed bits at the edge which will probably turn bright pink.

Anyway, book-wise I’m back to doing a bit of promotion / cajoling / begging on both sides of the Atlantic. I did some research and none of the three local English papers which said they would review it carried anything. Great. The mainland British press was practically non-existent really, so I may as well give it a go now. Can’t do any harm.

Still hoping to get Oop North at some stage in the next few months for some book signings if I ever get myself organised. A boy can dream…

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