Mar 03
I’m shaving my head for St Baldrick’s Day. It seems the natural progression from girly ponytail to fashionable cut to scary skinhead. I’m kinda looking forward to it and kinda dreading it. At least it should have warmed up by then and I’ll stay cool during the Louisiana summer. Oh, and raise money for kids with cancer.
I can’t believe it’s March already. I know the year is only two months old and I’ve already broken my New Year’s Resolution to blog every month, but I didn’t really. I’ve had this blog written for a while but couldn’t post it because our pc died. When we bought a new one I had lost all my bookmarks and couldn’t even find out how to log into my own website. A touch embarrassing, yes.
I know I’m sounding like an old man but the first two months of this year have really flown by and I have got nowhere near as much book promotion done in the UK as I wanted. It just seems I’ve not had time to raise my head.
The two big things here were the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras. Oh, and a new mayor into the bargain – a mayor whom I have pictured holding my book if you check out the gallery page. That was another busy night.
But anyway, the Super Bowl was amazing, and I never really imagined I’d enjoy American football so much. What a fantastic boost for the city and what a great thing to happen to New Orleans. Wish I’d been younger and able to enjoy it down the Quarter.
We also had the most fantastic Mardi Gras as both Julie and I got to ride for free, saving us close to $2,000. “Quite remarkable” as David Coleman used to say. Julie rode on Orpheus at night and I went to the ball afterwards and had a blast, while I got to go in Thoth and although I knew I’d enjoy it, I had an even better time than I imagined. I blogged a bit on the Chelsea website and you can read about it here:,,10268~1976778,00.html

Added to all the crazy mad bonkers madness that’s when our computer died and we were (sorta) web-less for a couple of weeks over Mardi Gras. Julie had her iTouch and I have a netbook, but I don’t feel right unless I have my pc. I’ve become institutionalised already and I’ve only just entered my 40s.
I was hoping to get up north to promote my book in the spring but even that’s looking unlikely right now. There’s so much on, I think I have something every weekend in March then Easter, French Quarter Fest and Jazzfest in April – the year is just filling up like crazy. If only these were things at which I earned money instead of being things which cost me money. The more things change…
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