Nov 06

I’m actually excited about going home next week. It’s been 18 months since I’ve been to Northern Ireland and 30 months since I’ve been to England which is probably the longest I’ve gone since I emigrated. So maybe that’s why.

I can’t believe I went the whole month of October without posting a blog. I was determined to get better, not worse. But I have been writing a lot – just not for my own website it seems. When you are promoting your book it’s a good idea to try to get decent sized articles on websites, in magazines, newspapers, etc The advantage for you is that it’s free advertising for your story, the advantage to the publication is that it fills space. Everyone wins.

So I have done stuff for the British expat site, the US Soccer Indoor Association magazine / site, and the Irish American Herald in the last few weeks. And the longest article of all for my old school’s ex-pupil magazine. I’ve also appeared in the two Northern Irish morning newspapers, and both gave me a great show, although both also got facts wrong including my wife’s name. Never would have happened back in my day…

I’ve got three radio shows lined up and I’m hoping to get some other stuff confirmed before I arrive in the Emerald Isle. I’ll be down south as well, and the more I think about it the more I know I’m going to have very little free time at home at all. As long as I squeeze in an Ulster fry and some fish and chips I’ll be happy.

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