Aug 06

You know, and I can hardly believe that I am writing this, but I’d almost forgotten about hurricane season. It has been so quiet so far, and I’ve been so busy with the book, that it hasn’t even crossed my mind that we are slap bang in the middle of it. That has to be a good thing, eh? I don’t think there has been much developing in the Gulf at all this year. Now I’ve written this of course I will put the scud on it (as we would say at home) and we will be evacuating within weeks…

So I’m getting better updating this blog as it’s only been three weeks and not five weeks since the last post. At this rate I’ll be up to every week by, say, 2010. But I’ve been busy, and packed an awful lot into my two recent trips.

I flew to California, met up with my friend Gordon in Carlsbad and drove to Pasadena early one Monday morning for a Chelsea supporters’ tournament in the grounds of the Rose Bowl. It lasted hours, there were six teams and we played four games, and was a lot of fun. Gordon hadn’t played in probably 25 years but scored within seconds (thanks to my fantastic through ball, obviously), and we made it to the final, losing 2-1 in the end. Made some friends, got wildly overheated, enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Then a quick shower and a business meeting over dinner about which I don’t want to say too much at this stage, before heading straight to a pub for a book signing. I sat in the corner while two ex-Chelsea players and a Chelsea TV presenter talked about the club and took questions. Again a really good laugh, even if we did get a parking ticket (Got two speeding tickets when I evacuated out West after Katrina as well).

The next day it was another early start for an appearance on the radio show World Soccer Daily and the guys were very kind to me, letting me talk and ramble for ages, although it may just have been because they were pleased I turned up – had a nightmare finding the studio and were headed in the wrong direction until we got through to one of the presenters just minutes before they went on air. The book jumped more than half a million places in the Amazon rating after the show, although apparently that only translates to 10 copies or something! Crazy, huh?

Anyway, then back to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to set up at  the Fanfest, a meeting with John from Hollywood United to talk about his celebrity team coming to New Orleans for a charity game early next year, a spell selling books at the Fanfest – oh yes, then the game, which Chelsea won 2-0. Back to the bar for a bit and then another early start for a flight from Orange County the next morning. I’m exhausted just typing it…

Dallas was a little less rushed but much the same. Flew in Saturday morning, the manager from Barnes & Noble picked me up at the hotel for a signing at his store in Fort Worth (which went better than I expected), then my mate Lippy met me there and we went back to check in. I took a cab to the bar to set up for that night, then got a lift to watch Chelsea train, then back to the bar for another signing.

On Sunday I got a call from Paul from the Chelsea website, so after another bit signing at the bar I was interviewed by him for the site, and after the game he arranged for me to have a photo taken with Chelsea (and England) captain John Terry. Got a great showing on the Chelsea website. And Chelsea won again.

So now I’m back home and ready to launch into my latest “to-do” list. No rest for the wicked…

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