Jun 11

Really the title should be, “Full steam ahead,” but I mangled it a bit simply because this expression always makes me smile. It has to do with my friend Patrick, some armed guards, and a trip to South Africa 10 years ago, and if you happen to read this blog and meet me then I will be delighted to explain its significance.

So I’ve been busy, busy, busy and realise that I should be blogging more than once a month on the off-chance anyone is reading this. In my defence I have been working hard promoting the book, and it’s very true that the harder you work at it the more work you have to do. When you start researching magazines and sites and such and emailing them, they come back and want review copies or want you to write a piece for them or whatever which leads to more work, etc. But that’s a good thing – every little bit of publicity helps.

We got two more good reviews, The Lincoln County Advertiser and the Irish Emigrant, and so far every review has been very positive (Now I’ve said that of course every one from now on will slate it). I did three events as well, all of which were great fun.

The first was at Ivar’s Bar in Baton Rouge. I did a TV show at lunchtime then spent the day with my friend English, before 18 of the Finn’s lot travelled up for a crawfish broil and book signing night. I sold 32 books which is the most I’ve done yet, but everybody had a great time and got smashed out of their heads. A few didn’t come back until Monday morning!

Then last week I went to the pug bar in DC owned by my friend Tony. That was another successful night and a lot of fun again, I signed for a bit, then we went to watch DC United beat New York Red Bulls, then came back to the bar. I sold 30 books in total on my trip, another very successful and worthwhile exercise, and a top-notch night to boot. It is funny, but when I used to read about authors saying they enjoy getting out and meeting people I used to think it was baloney. Now I understand what they mean – it’s great to just sit in a bar and chat with like-minded folk.

Last night Pauline and Sean (from Finn’s) joined me and we spoke to a group of students from Tulane studying the Irish in New Orleans. They seemed to enjoy it, though I suppose they have to tell you that anyway, and I sold another six books. And I had a legitimate excuse to go to the pub.

So now back to work. I have more emails to plough through, and the next big project is to try and tie-in some events with Chelsea coming to the States next month. Mixing business and pleasure…

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