May 12

It is time to knuckle down and get back to promoting the book. I have been slack on that front lately, although not due to laziness. My mum visited for 10 weeks and I cut back on the emailing and research at the end of her stay so she could actually spend some time with her son who lives on the other side of the world. Then we had Easter and my annual serious house cleaning chores (washing the curtains, climbing into the cupboard under the stairs and clearing it out, climbing up and dusting the tops of the fans, etc) which take weeks when you are also trying to keep a 20-month-old busy.

Then there was the business end of the football season and lots of important matches, and my friend Simon decided to come to visit for Jazzfest on the spur of the moment and ended up staying 10 days. Took him to the airport today and he is (hopefully) winging his way across the Atlantic as I write. So very soon – definitely in the next few days (probably) – I am going to open up my folder, let the moths escape, and return to trying to drum up publicity for my book.

That’s not to say everything just stopped.I did three weekends running at a French Quarter bookshop which proved the “diminishing returns” theory. The first weekend I sold eight, the second four, and the third two. I was going to go back again but I didn’t think selling one book would be worth it! I also enjoyed my hour at Jazzfest and sold another three copies there, but at all the signings it’s great just to get out and meet people, especially those who come up and say they enjoyed the book.

And Where Y’At gave the book what is probably the best review I have received yet. True story: We had an infestation of fruit flies and I needed more magazines to batter them with against the window. I picked up a copy in Finn’s and Mark said, “Have you seen your review in that?” That was the first I knew – and to think it was so nearly splattered with fly brains…

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