Apr 22

So last night I read at the Hubbell Library in Algiers Point. To be accurate I should write that I read in a carriage house behind the courthouse as the library was damaged in Katrina and volunteer locals are trying to raise the money to reopen it.

I really enjoyed the night and around 40 people turned up, but more importantly we sold 28 books (26 at the reading and two in the pub afterwards!) which will go a little way towards getting the place up-and-running again.

I spoke for 30 minutes or so about myself, how I ended up in New Orleans, why I decided to write the book and what it is about. Then I touched on the actual process of getting a book published and what you have to do once it comes out. It is a regular monthly event, so I was worried that I was repeating what all the other authors say every four weeks, but if that was the case the audience hid it well.

The group were really friendly and complimentary and everyone I spoke to after said they enjoyed it, although I’m sure no-one goes up to a writer and says, “To be perfectly honest, I found it a bit dull and zoned out after 10 minutes.” Anyway, we went to the Crown & Anchor Pub for a few hours afterwards and it was good fun. All in all, a success.

On Sunday I did a signing at a bookshop in the Quarter during French Quarter Fest and I enjoyed that as well. It’s still very uncomfortable for me just sitting at a table with a board beside me hoping people will stop and buy the book. At times you feel like an exhibit in a zoo, and to start with you are sitting praying that you will sell at least one book so the bookstore owner doesn’t think you have been a complete waste of time.

But I sold eight I think, and met some interesting people and made a couple of good contacts. The weather was beautiful and I was thinking there are a lot worse things you could be doing than sitting watching the world go by in New Orleans. The only downside is I missed playing in our football game but you can’t have everything.

This Saturday I am going back there again, and the following Saturday I am doing it for the third week running as well as an hour in the tent at Jazzfest. Busy day indeed, but after that I need to get on organising some more events. If anyone else will have me!

Apr 02

Thursday April 2

Thank you for visiting my site. My web designer Papillion – a Cajun kids’ pirate – has done a fantastic job in double-quick time and I recommend him highly.

I am delighted that so far the book has received good reviews, and I’m especially pleased with the one in FourFourTwo. It is such a great magazine – the only one I ever subscribed to – and in fact I still have the very first issue.

On Monday I appeared on Fox Football Fone-In and that went well. I was nervous at the start, what with being live on national TV and everything, but the lads were great in helping me relax and it went okay in the end. I’m looking forward to continuing the publicity push, and next week we will discover if the TV slot boosted sales. Watch this space…

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