Nov 02

I’ve probably used that title before. But in a different way.

We bought a house in September and we are settling in. It means the last three posts I’ve written have all been in different spots: my old place, New York, now the new home. In fact some of the recent blogs have been bashed out across the Atlantic, so it seems like I’m an international playboy jet-setter, when in fact I’m as far from that as you can imagine.

Still though, it does bring something home to me, about how I can work from just about anywhere. That’s got to be worth something I suppose. At a time when there are always bills to pay, when you are struggling to scrape up the money for something, it’s a comfort I guess.

Flexibility, and not needing to be at a certain place at a certain time, obviously has its advantages. Getting a regular, weekly guaranteed paycheck does as well of course. Different strokes for different strokes, as someone once said.

Anyway, I’m off to the pub to watch Chelsea. That’s the other place where I do a lot of my work these days… Til next time.

Oct 01

I’m writing this in Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson River. It’s a hard life I know.

We are in New York City for five nights. We based the trip around seeing a friend who played Carnegie Hall last night, but then we rolled some other stuff into the stay. It’s what we at home call, “a mini-break” or “a city break.” Once upon a time I used to sell them for a living.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ve just done a bit of research on the web, and I think it was May 2013, so more than six years ago. It’s funny how fast time goes when you are old like me.

But this may be the first time I have not traipsed around any of the tourist sites. Usually I like to walk around Manhattan, soak up the atmosphere and such. But we have been flat-out visiting friends, watching football and meeting babies, so no time for any of that typical vacation nonsense. Maybe I’ll squeeze a wee bit in tomorrow.

So a blog from New York City. How cosmopolitan and travelled I am. And if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to yell at a cab driver and eat at a deli…

Sep 04

September and October are my two busiest months of the year.

In September my writing classes start up again for the Autumn. I usually do two, one on a Tuesday and another on a Thursday, but on occasion that has been stretched to a third, when I’ve had enough writers to run a Wednesday evening session as well.

The courses are about to kickoff, and I always panic about a week out, that I’m not going to have enough students join. At the minute my Thursday course is near enough full so that’s fine, and now all my energy will be going into trying to fill Tuesday’s class.

In general, people do take their time, and it’s normal for there to be a raft of last-minute sign-ups, but it doesn’t do my blood pressure or sleep pattern any good. My writing courses are where I make most of my annual salary, so if they are slack, well… no operation for my dying grandmother this year I’m afraid.

I guess I should go and hound my mailing list to join me, my friends and family to spread the word, and use my social media skills to get the word out. I’ll let you know how it goes next month…

Aug 01

I was going to write, “N’Awlins,” but I think people from here get annoyed by that. It’s kind of like what tourists, who don’t want to be thought of as tourists, call the place. Nobody who lives here calls it that to be fair.

The funny thing is, when I was here on my stag trip / bachelor party in 2000, we had an artist paint a caricature. He wrote that version of the name on it. He obviously lived here though, so I guess he must have done it for the tourists. Which I was 19 years ago, although I’m, not any more.

Anyway, I’m back home (or from home), and sweltering through the near-90 degree heat. It’s brutal to be back, and I’m always sad to leave my friends and family in the Old Country.

What has made the last three weeks better is that my daughter is here with me. Yesterday was her twelfth birthday, and her and three of her friends went to the little amusement place in City Park. I have not got to see her a lot over the past two years, so I’m enjoying my time with her now.

Speaking of which, I’m off to do that right now. Enjoy your summer everyone.

Jul 01

I have maybe written a post from this site from Belfast before, but I’m not sure. Since was launched, which I think is about a decade ago, I have written something every month (save once or twice I slackened off). The longest I have spent in Northern Ireland in that time was three weeks last year, which straddled June and July I remember, so maybe I wrote one then? Or maybe not, I could go back 12 months and find out, but sure what fun would that be?

I’ve been in Europe now for almost four weeks. I flew into the Republic of Ireland for a couple of days, went to France, came to Northern Ireland, flew back to the States for a few hours to pick up my daughter, then flew back to Belfast. I was here a few days and then went to Holland for four nights. When you read it all like this, it seems like more of a whirlwind trip than it feels. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

I was here last summer with my daughter and we did lots of touristy stuff. This year it has been less frantic, with more time just hanging around the house and catching up with people. We have still hit a few sights we missed last year, and in fact hopefully we will get to a couple more tomorrow and the day after. But in general it’s been a lot less busy than last summer.

The good news is that Chelsea are coming to play in Dublin next week, so before I head back to the States, I’ll get to see them play. That is an unexpected – and welcome – surprise.

So I’m headed back across the Pond again next week, and this time I’ve no plans to criss-cross again for a while. So North American blog posts, here I come! Cheers until next time…

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